Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Coin with no color...

Yup thats my desk were I did some of my photography, very simple but I can still get some good pics...

I like the following pictures because of the concept I know there slightly blurry, but I might try some of that stuff soon...(And try to sharpen my skills a bit next time)So first there was a coin and I took a pic of it and then I was like its such a empty pic... Then painting the background came to my mind... (it was like a brainwave lol)
tell me if you liked it or not and what you like or what you disliked about it...


  1. A good set photos. I like how it sort of slowly builds up. Nice.

  2. thank u,
    yeah, I wanted that building up feel so u could see the difference between a coin/object with no background and one with a background.